We all have inner resources and strengths that we at times lose a connection to. Counselling and psychotherapy helps us when we feel that our problems and issues are overwhelming us and when challenges seem unmanageable, insoluble, impossible or hopeless. Sometimes we know we have to change something, or we want to improve our lives in some way.
Often, we manage to deal with our difficulties ourselves and with the help of others. It’s good to speak to family and friends when we are in difficulty or need to share how we are feeling. However, sometimes a person may need to speak to someone independently such as a counsellor / psychotherapist who is trained to support and to help them explore thoughts and feelings and to move forward.
There are many reasons why people may suffer or become stuck, finding it difficult to move forward, such as anxiety, depression, decision making, bullying, relationship difficulties, endings, redundancy, bereavement, grief, loss, work related issues, stress, personal growth, confidence, motivation, assertiveness, anger management, self-esteem, sexuality, trauma and abuse.
I provide counselling and psychotherapy in the Glasnevin area and I work from Willow Park Grove (just off Glasnevin Avenue).
You can email me mary@marymahercounselling.ie or call me at: 086 3102078

What you can expect from your first Session?

I understand that for a lot of people, attending a first session can be a very daunting experience. Some people are very nervous initially and worry about what they should say or what I might think of what they tell me.  I am aware of this and always explain that I will respect you, won’t judge you and will only go at your pace. On arrival, I help you to feel welcome and to relax. I take some details initially and then we discuss how we might work together, what you can expect from me and what coming to counselling asks of you. We then discuss if my service can be of help to you. I work to the IACP Code of Ethics and Best Practice. www.iacp.ie I will respect your values, personal resources and choices at all times. It is of utmost importance to me that you feel supported by me and really listened to as you talk about your concerns, issues and troubles. My role as a counsellor and psychotherapist is to get to know you and to provide a safe, confidential environment where you can explore, gain insight, awareness and an understanding of your problem or issue, as well as an insight into your strengths, qualities, potential and resources.